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What sort of work will your project need?

  • Domain name assistance
    -To get you the best 'dot com' available
  • Original artwork
    -Always enough to ensure that your site has a unique voice and flavor
  • Logo design or embellishment
    -Giving you a recognizable face online
  • Copy writing
    Keyword-rich copy that is easy to read will rub your visitors, and the search engine indexers, the right way.
  • Copyediting
    All language that appears in your website as text or static images will be:
    -- corrected for spelling and grammatical errors
    -- corrected for misused words and phrases
    -- improved in sentence structure for clarity
    -- arranged in stronger and more logical paragraphs
    -- trimmed of passive text that dilutes your message
    -- edited using HTML for clearer presentation
    -- optimized for search engine performance
  • Promotion
    Success on the web is a three step process:

    Step 1: Bring the potential customer to your site through proper promotion
    Step 2: Encourage the visitor to use the site, by offering straightforward navigation
    Step 3: Make the sale using the quality of your website content

    Your desire is to maximize the number of people who make it through each step, to generate the most possible business contacts.

    Step 1
    Keyword loading is not nearly enough. More and more these days, search engines are relying upon the actual text content of web pages to determine their indexing. That means that your position with the search engines is heavily dependent upon the nature and the formatting of the language contained in your site's pages. Your site will be submitted to all major engines the right way, by hand with carefully crafted text, with automated submissions to thousands of other sites.

    Step 2
    With so many websites to surf and so little time to do so, many internet surfers will quickly abandon sites that look complicated, time-consuming, or unlikely to contain the content they came for. It is very important that the words used to outline the navigation of the site make the structure and content of your site IMMEDIATELY clear. You have about twenty seconds to make the right impression. Impress upon your visitor that you have the content they want.

    Step 3
    Getting a visitor to browse your site is worth nothing if your web copy does not give the appearance of that of a legitimate professional business. Weak content leads to weak response.

  • Strong web promotion advice for your company
    -Things YOU must do outside the web to make your site the optimum success
    -Recommendations on those pay-to-play search services that are worth your money, those that are not
    -All the things you need to do with your staff to incorporate your new site into the daily grind without leaving your employees overburdened or looking incompetent; just a matter of covering all the bases
  • Follow-up maintenance and editing
    To make sure everything runs smoothly in the first few months of your site's operation
  • Long-term maintenance and automation
    Most developers use extended maintenance as a cash cow. Far better for you to be set up with the tools to easily maintain the site yourself, with updates as soon as you want them. For more complicated sites, long-term maintenance can be provided.
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