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Property management.
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Features your ads can have
  • Comprehensive description
    auto-written, customizable
  • multiple photo bays
  • slideshow
  • 360 view
  • virtual floor plan
Website features for potential tenants
  • Sortable property list
  • Showing-quality ads
  • Home specifications
  • School information
  • Map and directions
  • Online showing scheduling
  • Online application process
  • Online rent and fee payment
  • New vacancy ads emailed
  • Maintenance support info
Website features for potential clients
  • Ad-by-ad search engine exposure
  • Showing-quality ads
  • Email promotion
  • Fast listing of vacancies
  • Manager's info packet request
  • Company background

Benefits of having an optimized real estate rental website:

  • Most home shoppers pre-shop online
    With so many double income and single parent families out there, the one thing people have less of than money these days is free time. Most people begin their search for a home online. The National Association of Realtors reported back in 2001 that more than 60% of home shoppers used the internet as a basic search tool. Those figures are certainly much higher today and comparable among renters.
    The recent trend among buyers and renters alike is towards attending fewer on-site showings and relying more heavily on internet research to narrow down the field of candidate properties. A great internet site with full-scale ads and an appealing home to advertize is your best angle in filling vacancies efficiently.
  • Newspaper ads are expensive and inadequate
    Rising costs may be forcing you to offer less and less detail in your print advertizing. As this trend continues, more people are using this advertizing only as a bridge to the real wealth of information presented online, if they use it at all. Your online property ads cost nothing, no matter how much information or how many pictures you wish to include. Use print advertizing and roadside signs to do what they are best able to do. Use them to direct traffic to your website where you are free to market your properties aggresively without constraint or expense.
  • Show off for owners
    Your potential clients will look for you using the search engines. Enterprising owners who understand today's real estate market know the importance of the internet and will gauge the exposure you can get for their property by judging your marketing from the perspective of a potential tenant.
  • Better ad content
    Giving prospective tenants a showing-quality experience while online will smooth the way for filled vacancies. People want access to content that will facilitate an informed decision without the hassle of numerous phone calls and trips about town. Having your own site will allow you to build showpiece ads with very little effort. Many tenants find themselves in a situation where they must shop for a new home from a great distance and need to be empowered to choose that home and apply for it without an on-site showing. Your ad content will often need to be sufficient to close the deal sight unseen.
  • Avoid dead-end showings
    Allowing folks to conduct their own showings online will free you to spend more time showing the right properties to the right people.
  • Faster, cheaper, and broader exposure for your properties
    Better exposure will allow you to be more aggressive with rental price and more efficiently connect with serious tenants.
  • Fast upload of property ads
    With your own site and the right kind of system in place that allows for the speedy building of ads, you can promise that their ad will be online the same day. Some managers have even found success building pre-hire ads for homes. Building the ad on 'spec' and bringing a printed copy or laptop display when meeting with the potential client is an impressive hook.
  • Build tenant contacts
    Your own site will give you a cheap and easy means of harvesting names and email addresses of prospective tenants for the towns, neighborhoods, and developments you handle. When a new property becomes available, you may already have that important contact subscribed to receive email notification about the home.

When it comes to real estate, LogicalCreation can offer you extraordinary quality for a down-to-earth price since building optimal real estate websites is our specialty.
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